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A few examples:

All-inclusive shops
Our fully updatable shops calculate postage, quantity discounts, weight, and virtually anything else that could be desired. Credit card payment is then accepted through our secure server.

A central feature of all our websites is that the client should be able to easily update as much of the site as possible without assistance.Many website owners can update their current events, news stories, external links, prices or text on any page. We can also offer various content management systems for adding new content and pages to your website.

Educational services
We have created a series of online and offline educational applications colleges, universities and training centres. These include a range of exams, interactive web applications, an engine for searchable FAQs, and numerous JavaScript tracking scripts.

Frasers Auctioneers in Inverness asked us to build an internal network which would run their business for them. It handles all the paperwork and accounting, letting Fraser's do what they do best: auctions.

Intuitive interfaces
Many of our websites require online booking facilities, calendars, events pages, and all kinds of unique systems for specific customers. We put a lot of effort into designing the interface so that users are always presented with clear, self-explanatory forms.

Unique solutions
Got something that has never been done on the Internet before? Ask us! We are used to programming strange and wonderful things from scratch. For example, we have developed software for 'Legal Software Solutions' which creates wills from an easy to use interface.

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