Terms and conditions for accounts at Digital Routes

Plain English
We have tried to eliminate the jargon and legalese from this document. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Your obligations to Digital Routes:

What you use your account for is none of our business. However, you will refrain from using your account to publish any information which could give our Internet provider cause to pull the plug on us. This might include topics such as pornography, hate literature and software piracy.
You will not use your account to send excessive unwanted emails. You will also refrain from using third parties to send spam that promotes your website on Digital Routes. Unsolicited spam email is widely hated, and companies that are involved in such practices are frequently knocked off the Internet or fall victim to cracker attacks.
Your passwords will be kept secret. You are responsible for all activity that happens in your account, so it is strongly advised not to distribute your password to others. If you do so, you may be held accountable for their actions. If you suspect your account has been compromised, let us know, and we will help you.
You will not attempt to hack or crack anything on our server that doesn't belong to you without prior permission. If you find a security hole, you are obligated not to use it. Depending on the nature and origin of the hole, we may give you a rebate on the cost of your account if you report it to us.
Currently we are not restricting clients to a specific amount processing time or memory.
  • Processing time is a measure of how much work or number-crunching the server has to perform.
  • Memory is the temporary storage space used by programs that are running.
Most users will never need to concern themselves with such matters. At this time none of these are in short supply, so they are not being rationed. However, in the event that you start loading the server to a point where it adversely affects other clients, we will need to consult with you and resolve the situation. If no resolution can be found, we will require that you stop the activity.

Digital Routes' obligations to you:

We will keep the server functioning and your account accessible greater than 99.9% of the time. Should we need to perform maintenance on the server that would disrupt your account, we will endeavour to notify you at least 24 hours in advance. We pride ourselves on our reliability, but sometimes it is unavoidable that the server goes down.
We will keep the server responsive and quick. Digital Routes will not allow other clients' activities to disrupt the quality of your account. Any disruption will be promptly dealt with either by ensuring that the cause isn't repeated, or that the server is upgraded.
Personal info
We will never distribute your contact information or any other information about you to any other company.
We are serious about personal privacy. We will respect your privacy and not access private material in your account without very good cause. This includes your email, any protected web pages and any of your passwords.