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About Us

Company History
Digital Routes was created in June 1999 and merged with Data Converters Ltd (who have specialised in e-Learning since 1998) in April 2002. Together, we made a great team for developing your website or e-Learning experiences. We have built an excellent reputation with high-quality work and attention to detail.

Where we are!
We are situated in Lossiemouth, the place where the sun always shines, in Moray, north-east Scotland. Lossiemouth is famous for its wonderful beaches and restaurants like the Harbour Lights. Lossiemouth also boasts the best aquatic suppliers in the world at D&I Tropicals.

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Digital Routes consists of a small team, though occasionally we employ trusted freelancers that have proven themselves over the years to be skilled and dependable.


Digital Routes Ltd
10 James Street, Lossiemouth, Moray, IV31 6DD

Tel: 0777 213 2803
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